Automate and Streamline 
Business Processes

Discover Smartape Engine’s Workflows. The tool that empowers business experts to automate processes, connect systems, and create applications without code.

Smartape Engine Workflows

Empower Business Experts to Transform Ideas into Efficient Apps
Empowering business experts, analysts, and process owners to bring their ideas to life has never been easier. Smartape Engine provides an intuitive workflow builder out of the box, that abstracts the development process, enabling users to create applications quickly.

Unlock hidden talents

Workflows empower your business experts to solve internal productivity challenges with an easy-to-use wizard. This tool is designed for line-of-business users, promoting collaboration within interdisciplinary teams while maintaining IT oversight and control.

Rapid development

With the Workflow builder, you can create, iterate, and launch business apps in minutes without writing a single line of code. From expense approval to timesheet management, deliver simple-to-medium complexity workflow applications with ease.

Professionally designed apps

Workflow builder auto-generates professionally designed and frictionless user experiences. You can provide your users with intuitive and efficient applications right from the start.

Scalable solutions

As your app grows, business experts and developers can further evolve with Workflow-generated apps. Applications built with Smartape Engine adhere to standard architectures and frameworks, ensuring scalability and flexibility

Automated workflows

Workflows seamlessly integrate with your existing systems with ease. Connect your data sources efficiently, eliminating the need for redundant efforts across your teams.

Visual automations

Workflows provide developers with a fast and efficient way to create cron jobs, custom alerts, and tasks. Say goodbye to provisioning infrastructure and maintaining one-off scripts—focus on the code that truly matters.

Get started with Smartape's Engine Workflows

Define Your Trigger
Workflows in Smartape Engine consist of a series of interconnected blocks, including queries and JavaScript functions. Start by defining how you want your workflow to run—whether on a Cron schedule or triggered via an API call or webhook.

Power of branching

Version Control empowers you to create branches with confidence. Break down your project into independent branches, making changes safely without affecting other aspects of your project.

Controlled releases

Control your releases by funnelling all deployments through the main branch. Additionally, it provides flexibility for time-sensitive changes and urgent bug fixes, ensuring that your project remains stable.

Effortless merging

The guided merge flow simplifies merging changes, allowing you to preview the merge and minimize errors. Quickly address any inconsistencies on the conflict resolution page, streamlining the development process.

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