Why you have to convert your operations from using Excel to a Web Application


Migrating your business operations from Excel to an in-house web application can significantly improve efficiency, security, and scalability. While Excel is an outstanding tool, it falls short when it comes to version control, data protection, and integration with third-party platforms. By converting to a web app, businesses can overcome these challenges, offering more robust, secure, and flexible solutions.

What are the Disadvantages of Excel and other spreadsheet tools?

Excel, although feature-rich and ubiquitous, has its drawbacks. Firstly, managing multiple file versions can be a daunting task. Once an Excel file is shared and modified, tracking changes and ensuring everyone works on the latest version becomes a challenge.

Secondly, Excel lacks robust security measures. Setting user permissions isn’t straightforward, allowing unwanted changes to the logic of a workbook. Lastly, integrating Excel with third-party platforms or mobile devices isn’t seamless, which can hinder productivity.

Benefits of migrating Excel spreadsheets to a web application.

Switching to a web application has distinct advantages. A well-designed web app can provide robust security controls, flexible user permissions, seamless third-party integrations, and real-time collaboration features. With web app development, operations can be customised to suit unique business needs. Above all, it eliminates the need to manage multiple file versions and increases the potential for scalability.

Is storing such files on your computer a good idea?

Storing Excel files on your computer may not be the best option. Not only is there a risk of data loss due to hardware failure, but it also limits access to essential data, particularly for remote teams. Web apps, on the other hand, offer secure cloud storage, ensuring data accessibility and safety.

The 4 main disadvantages of spreadsheets

  • Excel is difficult to scale: A spreadsheet can be a useful tool for a small-scale project, but as your data grows, Excel’s shortcomings become apparent. As the data grows in volume and complexity, Excel files can become large and unwieldy, leading to slow performance, frequent crashes, and data corruption.
  • Lack of automation: While Excel does have some automation capabilities, they are limited and often require advanced knowledge of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). For businesses seeking to streamline their operations and automate complex processes, Excel might not be the best solution. A well-designed web app, on the other hand, can support intricate workflows and offer robust automation options.
  • Excel Spreadsheets are hard to keep track of who did what: Excel is not designed to track changes at a detailed level. When multiple people work on the same spreadsheet, it’s difficult to determine who made which changes. This lack of transparency and accountability can be problematic, especially in sensitive operations.
  • Difficult collaboration: Working collaboratively on an Excel spreadsheet is a challenge. When multiple users need to access and edit a document simultaneously, Excel falls short. On the contrary, web applications are built for collaboration, allowing multiple users to work together in real-time without overwriting each other’s changes.

Convert your Excel Data to a web application

Converting Excel data to a web application can significantly improve efficiency, collaboration, and data integrity. Web apps offer scalability, sophisticated automation options, and easy integration with other platforms, making them a superior alternative to Excel for managing business operations.

How Smartape can convert your Excel-based operations to a modern web application

At Smartape, we understand the difficulties and limitations that come with managing your business operations in Excel. That’s why we offer robust and efficient solutions to convert your Excel-based operations to a modern, user-friendly web application.

Our team of seasoned professionals, backed by years of experience in web app development, follows a meticulous prototype process to understand your unique business requirements and goals. We map out your current Excel operations, identify areas of improvement, and tailor our approach to optimise your processes.

The focus is on creating a web application that not only matches but exceeds the functionality of your existing Excel setup. We ensure that the transition is seamless, maintaining data integrity and minimising downtime. Security is paramount in our process; we provide robust security features to protect your data, including user access controls that are often missing in Excel.

With our web applications, we eliminate the common Excel problems such as scalability issues, version control troubles, lack of automation, and collaboration difficulties. Instead, you will have a platform that is scalable, intuitive, and fosters real-time collaboration.

Moreover, our applications are designed with flexibility in mind, ready to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. They seamlessly integrate with your existing third-party platforms, facilitating a streamlined workflow.


No, with Smartape’s expertise in web app development and a detailed prototype process, the transition can be smooth and efficient.

Yes, at Smartape, we prioritise data security. We ensure a safe and secure transfer of your data during the transition.

Absolutely. Our web app development services are tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

The transition time will depend on the complexity and size of your Excel operations. We ensure a swift and efficient process.

At Smartape, we are experts in web app development. We provide a personalised, efficient, and secure transition from Excel, ensuring your new web app fits your business needs perfectly.

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