Ensuring data protection
and compliance

Explore how Smartape Engine ensures data security and compliance with industry standards. Learn about our advanced encryption, governance tools, and security certifications.

Smartape Engine Security

Enterprise-grade Quality and Reach
Smartape Engine is committed to providing enterprise-grade security and reliability for your low-code development needs. Our platform is designed to protect your data and applications, ensuring they remain secure at all times.

Ongoing security measures

We continuously invest in security to safeguard your apps:

Vulnerability testing

We employ automated code testing and vulnerability testing, including OWASP Top 10, to identify and address potential security issues.

Point-in-time recovery

Your Bubble apps have access to point-in-time data recovery, providing added data protection.

Extensive logs

Detailed logs are available for your Bubble apps, allowing you to review all app activities.

RDS AES-256 Encryption

AWS RDS's AES-256 encryption is used to secure data at rest and during transit.

User-defined privacy

Smartape Engine allows you to protect your app's data with user-defined privacy rules at the application level.


Building for the future

Smartape Engine isn’t just for prototypes. It supports every stage of an app’s lifecycle, from MVP to full-fledged, production-grade applications. Our platform scales seamlessly as your app grows in users and complexity.

Workload metrics

For apps on the main cluster, we simplify resource management by combining your app’s work into a single blended metric called “workload.”

À La Carte workload tiers

Should your app outgrow the bundled workload units in your plan, you have the flexibility to purchase additional workload to meet your usage needs.

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