Harnessing automation with scheduled workflows

Optimize your workflow management with Scheduled Workflows. Automate tasks, schedule actions, and streamline your business processes efficiently.

Automation and precision with scheduled workflows

Scheduling workflows is a pivotal capability within Smartape Engine that enables you to automate tasks, trigger actions in the future, and seamlessly integrate your application with external systems. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the power and versatility of scheduling workflows, allowing you to harness automation for your unique use cases.

Understanding scheduled workflows

Scheduled API workflows are server-side workflows meticulously designed to be scheduled, triggered within your application, or exposed for initiation through external applications or systems via API requests. These workflows operate independently of any specific page, enabling their execution without the need for users to visit your app. By initiating an API request to the server hosting your Smartape Engine app, you can perform a myriad of actions, from creating entities to sending emails, all within the framework of a regular workflow.

Unleashing the potential of webhooks

Webhooks serve as the catalyst for initiating processes within your application when an external app detects a relevant event and sends an HTTP request to your Smartape Engine app. This mechanism empowers you to instigate actions within your application promptly. Examples include sending welcome emails to new users, adding users to newsletter lists, or triggering specific processes upon external events.

Limitless possibilities

Smartape Engine simplifies this process by automatically generating a unique URL for each API workflow you choose to expose. These URLs serve as the entry points for incoming requests, seamlessly integrating external events with your application’s logic.


Efficient automation

Streamline repetitive tasks and processes, saving time and effort with automated workflows.


Improved accuracy

Reduce human errors by automating actions at predefined intervals or specific trigger events.


Task scheduling

Plan and execute tasks precisely when needed, ensuring timely responses and updates.


Enhanced productivity

Free up your team’s bandwidth for more creative and strategic tasks by automating routine activities.


Data management

Schedule data backups, updates, and maintenance tasks to keep your information up-to-date and secure.


Seamless integration

Easily integrate Smartape Engine with external systems and services, extending your automation capabilities.

Use cases

Scheduling workflows with Smartape Engine offers a world of automation possibilities, enabling you to craft dynamic and responsive applications that meet your users’ evolving needs. Unlock the potential of precise and automated task execution, optimizing user experiences and elevating your application’s efficiency.

Time-dependent actions

Sending an email a specified number of hours after a user signs up.
Sending a reminder a predetermined number of days before an event.
Automatically terminating a trial period one month after its commencement.

Recurring events

Sending a weekly newsletter to subscribers.
Calculating and storing statistics or aggregations at regular intervals.
Cleaning up the database by removing redundant data.

Complex workflows

Implementing actions involving intricate searches and data filtering.
Executing workflows comprised of extensive action sequences that may require additional time to complete.

Iterative actions

Performing operations on a list of items one by one.
Executing actions with dependencies on prior iterations for completion.

Cascading workflows

Managing interdependent entities in your database, ensuring deletion or updates are cascaded correctly.

Navigating data sources

Selecting an appropriate data source for a workflow action is pivotal to its effectiveness. The chosen data source determines the screens where the action can be utilized. For instance, if you intend to create an action that allows users to send an email to an admin regarding low stock levels of an inventory item, the action must reference the Inventory table as its data source. Consequently, this action can only be triggered on screens sharing the same data source, ensuring coherence and relevance.

Reusing actions for efficiency

Smartape Engine empowers you to reuse actions efficiently throughout your app, enhancing consistency and simplifying development. As long as any screen where you intend to use the action shares the same data source as the original action, you can leverage it seamlessly. This reusability streamlines your development process while maintaining data source consistency.

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