Custom software-as-a-service solution

SaaS Application Development

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the latest business solution delivery model, in which the application is hosted remotely and users can access it thought the web.

This model saves the organization time and resouces, it is faster to deploy, more secure and it eliminates the need of downloads. While traditional on-premises applications need to be installed on every single computer, SaaS applications require only internet connectivity.

At Smartape SaaS application development will pass through various phases and our team of experts, will work in fields like discovering phase, MVP development, engineering and architecture, security and design, subscription management and brand management, so that the application will keep serving as a steady source of revenue for the organisation in the future. 





SaaS application request

The key benefits of a SaaS application are:

  • Lowest initial investment
  • Accessible from any locations
  • Automated updates
  • Scalability and integration
  • Cross device compatibility
  • Easier expansion to foreign markets