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Discover how Smartape Engine Mobile ensures powerful, modern, and responsive applications, allowing you to access critical information on the go.

Keep projects moving with Smartape Engine responsive design​

We understand the importance of having access to your applications and data anytime and anywhere. Smartape Engine is designed to ensure that the right people have access to the right information, whether they are at their desktop, tablet or using a mobile device.

Responsive out of the box​

Applications built on Smartape Engine are not just adaptations of desktop versions; they are powerful and modern solutions that can be mobile optimised. You won't need a dedicated design team to transform your apps to mobile. With Smartape Engine, you can seamlessly continue your work on any mobile device.

Powerful applications​

Smartape Engine empowers you to access critical information whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you're in the office or on-site, you can capture essential data, unlock valuable insights, and stay informed in real-time, on any device.

Prioritize work for results​

Stop chasing data and start focusing on the right questions. Our mobile dashboards help teams collectively prioritize work that delivers results. With Smartape Engine, you'll spend less time and effort on data retrieval and more time making informed decisions.

Benefits of responsive design​

Modern applications need to function seamlessly across various devices. Responsive web design ensures your app flexibly resizes to accommodate any screen. With Smartape Engine, you can build custom web apps without code and tailor their behavior for different screens and devices, simplifying the process of designing a beautiful and powerful application.


Enhanced user experience

Out-of-the-box responsive design ensures your application adapts seamlessly to different devices, providing users with a consistent and engaging experience.


Time and cost savings

Develop and maintain a single responsive application, reducing development time and costs compared to building separate apps for different platforms.


Streamlined maintenance

Manage updates and maintenance efficiently for a single responsive app, simplifying your development lifecycle and reducing ongoing management efforts.

Creating responsive designs with ease

Smartape Engine simplifies the process of creating responsive layouts for your apps, by offering a versatile combination of the fundamental container layouts. These layouts utilise the power of CSS flexbox, enabling you to construct a wide range of modern and responsive designs. Each container layout boasts its unique set of customization options, and elements residing within these containers seamlessly inherit the properties of their parent container.

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