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The Editors feature empowers you to accelerate development by adding multiple team members during your app development. This collaborative approach enables you to work on multiple features concurrently and streamline the development process. As the app owner, you have full control over who you invite and the level of access they receive.

Editors ecosystem

Collaboration made easy
Editors, are individuals connected to a specific app within your organisation. There team members are can be members of your account and can be associated with any particular project. This flexibility allows you to choose which projects Editors can access, especially when you manage multiple projects.

Inviting Editors

Inviting Editors is a straightforward process. Upon invitation the Editors can access your workspace and work with you on any assigned app.

Transferring app ownership

If you wish to transfer complete ownership of an app to an Editor, they will become the new app owner, and your role will transition to admin

Editor access levels

Assign an access level to each Editor and keep transparency between all stakeholders. Access levels vary according to predefined privileges.

Access levels and privileges

Access levels are key to controlling what an Editor can and cannot do within your application.



This is the main account level and defines the Owner of Smartape Engine workspace. You may create your organisation’s details, add remove users etc. 



Admins are below the owner level. They can invite and edit user rights, and all other privileges are set to their most generous level. Admins can also modify general app settings.


App level

This level defines whether an Editor can make edits to your application or only view it. It doesn’t affect the Editor’s access to the database.


Data access

Data access determines an Editor’s level of access to your database, ranging from no access to full editing rights



This setting controls access to the Logs section in the Smartape Engine workplace, which can potentially provide access to database data and scheduled workflows.



If checked, an Editor can exclusively access the app and database in your Development environment.

Best practices for working with editors

While the Application Editors feature encourages collaboration and enhances productivity, it grants Editors extensive access to your app and its data. Exercise caution when granting access, and ensure it aligns with your collaboration goals and security requirements. Collaborative development can be powerful, but it should be approached with care to safeguard your project and data.

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